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Importance of Teaching Advertising to Kids


Advertising has been an essential component of any business. Advertisers know how to connect with their target customers so that they end up purchasing their products. Therefore, since decades the advertisers try to focus on the children. Children are one of the important demographic for marketers to sell their products. Today, kids spend a lot of their time on screen these days where lots of ads are present. They know that kids influence their parent’s buying decisions. Hence, the advertisers spend millions of rupees per year to make sure that their ads are infront of the eyes of teens to increase the purchase of their products.

According to research, children of 7-11 age are more exposed to television ads and ads on social media. They do not understand the meaning of advertisements. The product placement in their favorite show influence the urge of buying those products. At age 12, they might not understand the product but they are attracted to jingles or the cartoon celebrity used for the endorsement of the product. Kids don’t understand that advertising is not designed to shape them into healthy, happy adults. It’s designed to sell them more kinds of stuff. Today, advertisements making our kids learn that buying stuff leads to more happiness. As a result, the more ads kids see, they become more materialistic. This materialistic nature in kids leads to lower academic performance because they are more concerned about being 
monetarily successful rather than learning new skills.

Today, marketers are not concerned with the health of the children. The only thing that matters for the business is the bottom line sales. Advertisement not only affects the brains of the children but also harming their bodies. About 98% of the food ads which kids see are about unhealthy foods like cold drinks or fast food. This may result in health problems like obesity, diabetes, etc. at a very young age. So are we treating today’s kids like shapers of the future or like the shoppers of the future?


“The vision we offer to our children shape their future”- Carl Sagan

So, the commercials or advertisements are bad for children. According to the poll in 2014, 57% of parents supported the banning of all advertising to the children. So, let us help you to guide your kid to understand what are commercials and 
marketing are all about. They do not bring more happiness. A proper understanding of ads and commercials will help them to unlearn all the negative lessons from the advertisements. Subjects like marketing for kids will help them to understand the making of the ads, how ads are written to make them attractive, why endorsements by celebrities are done. Proper school education will give them clear knowledge about what the advertisement is trying to do and what is the purpose to make it. Understanding of advertising is very crucial to make kids understand about the product value. It is will also help them to understand the difference between need and want. Understanding ads will not only improve their academic performance but also will help them to make better relationships and make them more physically healthy.

So, if we want our kids to be less materialistic, we need to take a step today to educate them with proper guidance. So, that all kids have a chance to grow up and be good citizens first and consumers later. 
Cerebro Kids program helps kids of class 5-8 in developing critical life skills in the understanding of the advertisement. Check out our Marketing Learner page for more details.

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  • Author : Sulogna Saha

    2019-05-20 00:00:00

    Sulogna is a MBA graduate in marketing & advertising. She is a freelance writer. She believes in the concept of IKIGAI and loves writing about how kids should be trained to choose right career paths for them.