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Have a champagne taste, but a beer budget?  It means experiencing finer things in life but lacks the economic means to sustain an expensive lifestyle. It does not mean that you should leave your schooling & start working. Selecting the right way leads to reach the destination on time similarly, savings in college or schools on a tight budget requires strategy.

Let us see the ways to enhance the savings at the student level-:

(1) Setting up a budget allows using the money wisely & effectively. It does not mean that it requires manual work of making the spreadsheets & all others. Your Mobile phone application is a perfect answer to that.

(2) Buying used textbooks rather than the new ones. Many online resources or the local books store offers used textbooks at lesser costs.

(3) Sell the items which you do not need. The reason is rather than throwing or giving the unwanted items, sell them as you will get money in return.

(4) Utilising the library. A perfect solution to many problems, either it is research papers, books, or anything. All stuff is available free of cost with some conditions, so utilize it properly.

(5) Take advantage of student discounts. Stores typically offer student discounts (10-15%) with valid identification. Keep a track record of these which offers student discounts either it is online or offline.

(6) Be creative with your activities. Not being creative costs you more than the required one like, replacing movies with any online subscription, restaurants with gardens for enjoyment & many more. 

And many more tips are there which can save a lot of money and enhances the savings level.

Now you started saving the money, but what next???? Means how it benefits you in the short or long term?

No doubt you probably won't make perfect, linear growth toward accomplishing any of your goals, but the essential thing is not to be perfect, one needs to be consistent. You can create an emergency fund from your savings which allows you to deal with the situations & able to invest in getting some knowledgeable things beneficial for the future. Building up savings unexpectedly in uncertain times gives peace of mind & can protect you & your family from financial crises.


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  • Author : Jaswinder Singh

    2021-04-06 22:31:54

    “People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. I am a passionate, creative person who has a great passion for reading. Pursuing MBA in marketing and Finance in GGNIMT Ludhiana. Also knows Data analyst using excel and love exploring innovative things because to be a game-changer where ever I work. The best part is I am a deadline achiever until & unless my queries are resolved.