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Why marketing education should be taught to kids?


In 2020, kids are smart and are racing against the time to become a responsible adult of tomorrow.
The growth of these kids is parallel to the growth of the country which is reflected through the education system of the country. Therefore, school is the primary place for the development of the students so that they can become a successful working professionals in their future. Students must be given proper guidance during their schooling to thrive in today’s competitive market. Hence, school education one the primary aspect that will contribute immensely to the development of young minds as they step into adulthood.

Importance of Marketing to children:

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services. It is core subject in management education. It is one of the essential subject that should be involved in the curriculum of the every schools. This will help to bridge the gap between the education what kids get in school and the future demand of markets. It will help the children to understand the products and services that they use in their day to day life.

Importance of Marketing Education on personality of your child:

Various activities like brainstorming sessions, creative branding and storytelling at primary level help the students to inculcate more knowledge about the markets, economy and helps to increase the skill of creativity. Marketing education will encourage the students to work in team i.e. they learn the importance of team management and will embed the quality of leadership at very young age.

Kids are the one of the big demographic for the marketers. Today advertisements tries to lure children to choose their products, not for the actual value of the product, but because of celebrity or what's on the package. This happens because school children are not aware about the basic working of advertisement sectors. Therefore, marketing subject will help the students to understand the purpose of advertising of the products. They will have understanding of the brand image and brand value at very young age. In return, that will help them to become smart adult buyers in future.

Importance of Marketing education on your kid’s brain development:
Marketing education will help the kids to build an analytical mind set to very problems in coming in life. They will develop a creative approach towards their life problems. The kids will have the basic knowledge about the psychology and market scenario. This will help them to start thinking about their own start-ups at very young age. Therefore, we can say that the marketing knowledge will enhance entrepreneurial prowess and gives salesmanship confidence in the student. It will facilitate the sociability in the kids. It will also teach sociology and economic behaviours in the kids.


To sum it up, studying marketing is a roadmap to a successful business and for buddying kid entrepreneurs. The importance of marketing is just far more than the realization. Marketing as a subject or as career will help your kids to achieve their success towards their future. Now, the decision is on your hands if you could help your kids to become the next Steve Jobs or Satya Nadella. Learning the basic concepts for marketing from our reputed institute like Cerebro kids would add more feather to your kid’s cap.

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  • Author : Sulogna Saha

    2019-03-26 00:00:00

    Sulogna is a MBA graduate in marketing & advertising. She is a freelance writer. She believes in the concept of IKIGAI and loves writing about how kids should be trained to choose right career paths for them.