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How school education lacks in preparing kids for the future.


“School is a temple that curves a human out of a just being.”- By Rahul Sharma

It is said that the school prepares kids for real life. Most of the schools across the country excel in their job providing the students with the best quality of education. There is no doubt that the schools try to provide all-round education that improves the general knowledge of the children. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the education system in the school lacks in providing the kids with a better future. Therefore, this article tries to compare the merits and demerits of the education system of academic teaching in schools.

The importance of traditional academics

The traditional academic teaching is one of the best ways to shape the students as a quick learner. There is a scheduled time for each session of classes that have been designed as per the student’s concentrating capacity. It makes students attentive with full concentration, which contributes to the quick learning process. This system helps students with flickering minds to cope with the value of discipline. The school is founded to teach kids discipline and obedience. The subjects like maths and English helps the students to form the basic part of their early education. Being practiced from the past, academic teaching has its definite means of applications which could create a great impact on students who are going to shape the coming society.

School does not teach life

“The school prepares us for life in the world that does not exist”-By Albert Camus

However, there are certain drawbacks along with the merits of academic teaching. The teachers in the school do not teach critical life skills like how to manage money, how to negotiate, or how to communicate. Instead they appreciate the kids to memorize information and score the best marks in the examination paper. Most of the time teachers don’t allow the student to think and conclude on their own. Kids are mostly dependent upon their teachers. In schools, the teacher should focus time on teaching the courses that challenge their creativity and developmental skills. Spoon feeding is another relevant disadvantage of academic teaching. Students are dependent on the elders which limit their out of box thinking capacity.

The subjects or the skills that should be considered to be included in the school curriculum which will develop the skills set of the kids are:

  • Classes for important life skills – money management, interpersonal communication, miscellaneous psychology, habits, goals, etc
  • Incorporation into existing classes- in maths, talk about credit card usage, about bank insurance like what are health insurance, how to make the right investment, how to buy the right products, etc.



By comparing and contrasting various aspects of school education, we can see that the disadvantages weigh and outstand more than the merits. Holistic learning is the need for the day. Today, the world is changing at great speed and so the skill sets required for the jobs in modern times. Taking tests, focusing on giving students grades, and judging students based on their ability to obtain information should not be the main objective of the school. The students should be taught things that involve real life experiences and real world problems. The future of our generation is going to be mostly automated. We aren’t going to need to know how to solve hard equations or determine the acceleration of speed. We need to know how to be a leader. Therefore, we are trying to say that the education system in the school should shift from the traditional concept of just scoring marks to developing the creative and analytic minds of the kids. Cerebro Kids Finance Learners program helps kids of class 5-8 in developing critical life skills in money management.

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    2019-03-13 00:00:00

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