Financial Literacy Workshops

Kids should learn Financial Education in Schools and not just from parents.

Join the growing list of schools opting to start Financial Literacy Workshops for their students

Financial Literacy Workshops are specially designed and proven group learning workshops for school students, helping them in acquiring crucial learning in a familiar e-class or regular class environment

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  • 2+ Years of Experience

  • 50+ Workshops Conducted in Schools

  • 8+ Different Workshops to choose from

  • 500+ Students trained

Workshops Training Methodology

  • Our workshops are designed to help students learn a concept from basic level and become proficient in it by end of program

  • Worksheets and assignment to practice topics learnt

  • Access to Titan – E-learning platform with 100+ hours of practice material and videos

Training Methodology - Cerebro Kids

Our Workshops

Beginners Level(Class 6-7 Students)

A Financial and Money Management journey of a child starts at the age of 10 and Beginner Workshops help students in developing understanding of money and money management

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Beginners1 - Cerebro Kids

Money Management Workshop

1. Helping kids in learning about money and developing the habit of Saving
2. Basics of Budgeting
3. Value of Money

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Beginners2 - Cerebro Kids

Habit of Savings Workshop

1. Helping kids understand about Banks
2. How they can save money in banks and increase it
3. Concept of Interest

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Intermediate Level(Class 8-10 Students)

A Student should know about finance, accounting and other money related concepts before Class 10th . Intermediate Workshops help students in developing clear understanding of financial concepts as well as commerce as an education and career stream.

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Intermediate1 - Cerebro Kids

Saving & Investments Workshop

Helping kids in learning about Risk management in Savings & investments

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Intermediate2 - Cerebro Kids

Banking & Tax Basics

Helping kids in understanding banking and taxes

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Intermediate3 - Cerebro Kids

Business Finance workshop

Helping kids in understanding financial books from basics and the use of financial books in real businesses

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Advanced Level(Class 11-12 Students)

A Class 12 student is a young adult who should understand various ways of investments to beat inflation, finance in business and next-gen technology developments in finance domain. Advanced Workshops help students in these concepts in detail.

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Advanced1 - Cerebro Kids

Investment Acumen Development Workshop

Helping kids in learning about investments in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and how to develop a good financial portfolio

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Advanced3 - Cerebro Kids

Business Finance workshop

Helping students in understanding financial ratios, analysis of accounting statements, debt and equity financing for business and going thorough financial books of real businesses

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Advanced2 - Cerebro Kids

Technology in Finance (AI, ML, IOT and Blockchain in Finance)

Helping students get well-versed in new-age technologies and understanding the impact made by technologies like AI-ML, IOT and Blockchain in the domain of finance

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