Financial literacy to avoid the development of Compulsive buying behavior in kids and teens?

Research shows dedicated training on financial responsibility for 5 hours over a week over a month help in creating positive impact kids spending and saving habits. Kids with such training are less likely to be compulsive buyers.
The bigger problem is that schools teach little about personal finance or finance domain knowledge. The current education system isn't preparing our kids for the real world, and this isn't likely to change anytime soon.
In the Cerebro Kids flagship program "Finance Learners", we empower kids by teaching them critical life skills that aren't taught in school. Our programs are tested, widely acclaimed and delivered by world-class educators
We work with kids to make them learn budget planning and make them practice placing restrictions on expenses. Our activities simulate real-life situations where students are asked to take decisions where none of the choices is wrong. This helps our students in developing decision-making capabilities as well as they become prudent in their money-related decisions.
Moreover, we teach students about savings, interest, loans, and investments to make them aware of how to handle hard-earned money.
This brings us to the end of this article. We have learned about the importance of financial literacy to ensure the non-development of buying behavior in kids.
If you wish to learn more about money management program for kids, visit our Finance Learners page for details.

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Shruti Goel

Graduate, IIT Roorkee
Shruti Goel is an IIT Roorkee graduate with multiple years of experience in finance domain. She is a strong proponent of finance literacy programs for kids. She loves cooking and painting in her free time.