Online finance classes with experts to build a strong foundation of lasting financial competence for kids

India’s #1 Financial Literacy Program for Students of classes 5-12 to achieve Financial and Analytical Intelligence.

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Financial Literacy For Students

The Indian education curriculum teaches our kids a lot of things but sadly a very small part of it is applicable in everyday life.

With a vision to make every child realize it’s Ikigai, we at Cerebro kids, intend to make the young kids future-ready by providing skills and education that are relevant to deal with real world challenges as well as for long-term career planning.

Why Learn at Cerebro Kids


Talent Development

Developing the life-skills via interactive fun activities to enable smarter decision making about day-to-day engagements


Real Life Education

Unlike rarely used theoretical topics, we teach key concepts in domains like technology, finance, advertising & entrepreneurship to prepare kids for the professional world


Interactive Learning

Live online classes with world-class faculty using simulations, case-studies, fun activities and worksheets to promote “learn-with-fun” concept


Personality Mapping

Exert mentoring, periodic assessments and psychometric mapping to understand child’s personality and explore professional interests.

Our Mentors


Shruti Goel

IIT Roorkee

Founder of Cerebro Kids and expert in financial planning and auditing


Arpit Gupta

MBA IIM Lucknow

MBA graduate and expert in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship


Dr. Kumar Garvit

IIT Delhi

PHD and expert in marketing and social media analytics


Laetita De Larturiere

HEC Paris

International Curriculum Consultant

Explore Our Programs

Beginner (Class 6-7), Advanced (Class 8-10) and “Advanced+ (Class 11 & above) programs designed by international experts, customized to suit your child’s skills development and knowledge enhancement needs.


Finance Learner’s Program

#1 foundation program to promote financial literacy among students by focusing on real-world knowledge & skill development in finance, numbers and data. FLP provides critical skill development in logical reasoning, vedic maths and data interpretation as well as exposure to real-world finance for kids of class 5 and above encompassing topics like FinTech, Data Analytics, Business Finance and Personal Finance.

1. 32 hours of online teaching
2. 45+ case-studies, workshops and activities
3. On-demand doubt session with experts
4. 100+ hours of self-learning and practice material
5. Industry-recognized certification


MAC4Kids Program

Top-rated foundation program focussing on real-world skills & knowledge development in marketing, advertising and communication for young kids. MAC4Kids equip kids with critical skills in creativity, innovation, sales & negotiations (Class 6-7) & (Class 8 and above) as well as provide them the real-world marketing & advertising domain exposure including Mar-Tech, Digital Marketing, Consumer Analytics and Copywriting (Class 6-7) & (Class 8 and above)

1. 32 hours of online teaching
2. 45+ case-studies, workshops and activities
3. On-demand doubt session with experts
4. 100+ hours of self-learning and practice material
5. Industry-recognized certification

Our Differentiation


Strategic Online Sessions

Study with our regular online classes following a well-defined curriculum designed by child educationists


Expert Mentorship

Study under the guidance and direction of our excellent mentors from top education institutions like IITs and IIMs


Compressive Study Materials

A combination of real-world case studies, engaging activities and 24*7 access to online learning repository


Student-Friendly Methodology

Weekly sessions with daily worksheets and assignments to ensure concept strengthening at the optimum learning pace


Recorded Lectures

To ensure that students are not worried about missing a class, recorded lectures and worksheets are uploaded on time



Industry recognized certification in both hard and soft copy is awarded post assessments and course completion

Our Testimonials

Manu Gupta


My kid has developed a smarter decision making ability and can now manage everyday money matters like savings and investments more rationally

Radhika Mohan


A perfect program to impart financial literacy my child. Expert guidance has helped us tremendously to explore the right career opportunities.

Pihu Goyal


Amazing experience with FLP – loved the mentors and the activities. I now help my mother in monthly budget planning and understand news better.

Vikram Shekar

Professional at MNC

My 12-year old son now understand the importance of planning and informed decision-making. He even compares the products before purchasing.

Shalini Sharma

Project Lead

During crucial years of education, Cerebro kids has helped my daughter to understand career options like Investment Banking and Branding Strategy.

Vansh Jain


I love MAC4Kids. I got to know a lot more than I ever could imagine about advertisements and branding. Now, I shop smartly.

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